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The Demonic Dead (2017)

The Demonic Dead (2017)

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Year: 2019 Runtime: 63 min
Director: Rick Vargas
Actors: Johnny Ray Gibbs, Adriana Herrera, Jacob Kyle Young, Kai Valerius

Description of movie: The Demonic Dead (2017)

There is a demon possessed Serial Killer on a rampage. Her name is Maria Cruz and she has an army of the living dead at her disposal. The body count is rising when a heretic, Reno Peña, is called upon to deal with the situation. Reno is about to take on the fight of his life, when his estranged wife, Katherine, comes to him and asks him not to take the case. The Demon Hunter must choose between the job that defines him and the woman he still loves. To further complicate matters, a group of college students are captured by the vengeful demon who has no plan on stopping her sadistic blood bath. Will Reno find them in time? Will Reno destroy his marriage once and for all?

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